IMG_9584 copyMy name is Angela but most call me Ange. Currently I reside in Suffolk with my excitable husband and lively toddler.

I mainly spend the time I have off entertaining my son at the park, beach, or with arts crafts and whatever else keeps small people busy. The list of activities are endless and exhausting! Mainly because I work on an average of two to three hours sleep a day so don’t take the vacant expression personally. Having said that we do have a lot of fun!

Alas this is not an option for me everyday due to those pesky bills that need paying. Therefore I also work unsocial hours as a full time nurse.

What do I indulge in when I have time for myself? Hhmmm: hot soaks in a bubbly bath and reading (efficient time management), as well as penning stories that I one day will get the courage to share with you all and sketching things to make me laugh. Mainly its the losing myself in the possibilities of different universes and day dreaming in a cafe by myself sipping tea (or coffee but you get the picture) that I enjoy as “me” time the most.


The main aim of my musings is just to share some stories and some smiles along the way. That’s it, as sophisticated as it gets! So make yourself a cuppa, have a read and leave/share your own experiences in the comments.

Just for smiles.

Oh and was it mentioned I have spaniels? Two in fact.

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